Our mission:

To respond to BC’s queer communities’ needs and to help them thrive.


Our vision:

A world where everyone is free from discrimination, included, and celebrated for who they are.

The QMUNITY team

Our group of passionate queers and allies works to make queer lives better.

We are currently focused on:

  • EDUCATION: Promoting and helping to create inclusive spaces
  • SUPPORT: Providing support to those affected by discrimination and homophobia
  • CONNECTION: Strengthening our communities through meaningful connections
  • ADVOCACY: Offering a unified voice to advance our communities’ interests

The QMUNITY space

Our building provides a safe space for LGBTQ community members to fully self-express without fear or feeling unwelcome and it serves as a catalyzer for community initiatives and collective strength. It’s not only a physical space but also a space created by the coming together of LGBTQ individuals searching for community.


Every member of BC’s LGBTQ communities plays an essential role in the impact our organization is able to have towards its mission of improving queer lives.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Learn      Connect

Get support      Take action