Carmen O. is the May Volunteer of the Month!

April 25, 2017

Hi, Carmen! Congratulations! So, how did you end up in Vancouver volunteering at QMUNITY? I was searching for a practicum placement as part of my… Read more

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2017

April 25, 2017

With deepest gratitude, thank you! National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for QMUNITY to recognize those of you who devote your time, energy, and passion… Read more

On Families and Connection

March 28, 2017

by CJ Rowe, Executive Director   When it comes to families I think I’m one of the lucky ones. Not only do I have an… Read more

April Volunteer of the Month: Jennie M.!

March 28, 2017

We like to celebrate our practicum students! They tend to spend a lot of time with us, and we exchange knowledge and stories throughout our… Read more

Hearing from the youth: QTBIPOC Youth Gathering

February 28, 2017

By Ayesh Ismail-Kanani, youth worker at QMUNITY In 2016 the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) and the Vancouver School Board brought together a group of… Read more

To all of you risk takers I say hats off to you!

February 27, 2017

By CJ Rowe I was sitting in a friend’s living room early one evening enjoying a potluck dinner with some amazing friends and community members.… Read more

March Volunteer of the Month: Kristina M.!

February 22, 2017

Kristina, our volunteer of the month for March, continues to be a great addition to our Information and Referral Program and an upbeat voice brightening… Read more

Stand up against bullying

February 21, 2017

  At QMUNITY, we believe that it takes courage and support to grow up into who you are. And yet for so many in our… Read more

There is something you can do: Bill C-16 and Transphobia

February 6, 2017

By CJ Rowe There is a lot going on in our world. Behaviours and thoughts that have typically lived under the surface, such as homophobia,… Read more

Celebrating Black History Month

February 6, 2017

  At QMUNITY, we work everyday to create a world that is free from discrimination, where folks can live their lives fully. And while our… Read more