During the coronavirus pandemic, please, stay at home and order medicines, medical equipment, vitamins, and other goods online. These pharmacies will deliver the order to any city in Canada. By ordering online, you will be able to get your medicines at home without going to pharmacies; purchase medicines that are not available in pharmacies near your home; order medicines with discounts, and avoiding lines and crowds.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.5)
  • 622 Bute St unit b, Vancouver, BC V6E 3M1, Canada
  • +1 604-336-3038
  • https://viaqx.com/

This pharmacy kind of reminds me of the restaurant where the whole point is to be rude to customers. Seriously some of the rudest people I’ve encountered here. Don’t get me wrong, there’s like one person there who has been polite, but the rest, geesh… can’t help but laugh honestly.

ViaQX Pharmacy is good for certain meds. I use Good RX to find the lowest prices for generic Viagra, so my meds are split between this place and another. The staff is helpful, friendly, and will work with us to help us find the lowest prices, even if it means at another pharmacy. I just wish they had longer hours on some occasions.

Marks Marine Pharmacy (CanShipMeds) (CSAT: 4.9)
  • 239 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S4, Canada
  • (877) 888-9265
  • https://rxcanada4less.com/

I just transferred to Marks Marine Pharmacy (CanShipMeds), and I couldn’t be happier with this business. They call me by name, are FAST, have wonderful attitudes, and have great employees. Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

They didn’t have the medicine I needed but sold me a similar product that cost over 3 times as much. Service was slow and with an attitude. Glad that I don’t have to use this as my pharmacy. Even when I am in this town, I will never come to this store again.

Kerrisdale Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.3)
  • 5591 West Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6M 3W6, Canada
  • +1 604-261-0333
  • https://www.kerrisdalepharmacy.com/

Kerrisdale Pharmacy is a fantastic family-oriented pharmacy! It’s super convenient having a place like this downtown where you can get little necessities you won’t find anywhere else downtown. They also have super cute gifts and home goods! Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Definitely a great place!

DONT EXPECT THEM TO LET YOU KNOW THEY CANCELLED YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS AND PROMISED DELIVERIES. Worst pharmacy ever. I’m 7 months pregnant. I went there Thursday evening And they said the diabetic sugar machine will be ready the next morning. So I went there the next day after work ( Friday ) Still wasn’t ready. And the pharmacy guy told me we can deliver to you… I said please do it first thing in the morning. Because I need to start measuring first thing in the morning. He said yes. ( Btw he checked my insurance covered the Diabetic machine) So today Saturday for the record I called exactly 1:40 pm About the delivery. I was transferred until answered start giving me an attitude while I’m trying to explain my situation. And she will HANG UP ON ME! I asked for her name. She said DONT WORRY ABOUT IT and SHE PUT ME 20 min Hold and then hang up the phone!!!!! I called back to get her name and Veronica answered the phone she said she doesn’t know who she is and they don’t give names (to protect the staff). And transferred me to the billing department. They are interrupting me to say what they want and will hang up if you talk like them. She says My insurance will NOT cover a prescription I HAVE BEEN WAITING THREE DAYS and PROMISED DELIVERY this morning. I have been waiting for and then promised would be delivered this morning. I try to explain to her that I asked the pharmacy guy another day He said it’s covered. She said NO, it is not… I said you’re not doing your job. In fact, It is covered. Anyway, there is no point to talk to these people. Then about an hour LATER I LEARNED ITS COVERED %100 so Henna told me Come pick it up. I said could you please deliver like you said you would She said no, we don’t have any delivery people all day. Monday before 6 pm she can. They really have no idea About dealing with people’s health. I need to check my blood every 2 hours and they couldn’t care less about letting me know they have massive logistical issues. I’m going to write this to State as well!

Shaughnessy Pharmacy (CSAT: 5.0)
  • 427 West 20th Street Suite 105, Houston, TX, United States
  • +1 604-423-4246
  • https://www.shaughnessypharmacy.com/

Shaughnessy Pharmacy crew is UNREAL. I just left the doctor’s office, and my prescription was on my desk when I arrived at work. SERIOUSLY the best service I have ever experienced!

I stopped at a drive-through to get a prescription filled. I could tell she wasn’t having a good day. But she took the time to locate the prescription they were out of and had them get it ready for me.

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