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May 14
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    May 14, 2022

    Aces & Aros - Support Group

    2:00 PM-5:00 PM
    May 14, 2022


    A community space for those who are (or think they might be) on the asexual or aromantic spectrum to meet and discusses issues relevant to their lives and identities.


    Date: 2nd Saturday of every month

    Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Where: Online via Discord, please contact the group for details

    Contact: [email protected]

    This is a peer-facilitated group run by dedicated community volunteers, with support from QMUNITY, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, and Asexual Outreach

    SAA: Pride in Recovery

    4:30 PM-6:00 PM
    May 14, 2022

    No additional detail for this event.

    Rainbow Light Meditation - Support Group

    6:00 PM-7:00 PM
    May 14, 2022

    This one-hour meditation workshop aims to improve and enhance the mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing of LGBTQAI+ immigrants and newcomers. Other LGBTQ2SAI+ folks are welcome to join us to attain a more peaceful and mindful state of being through meditation.

    Please join by RSVP only.

    Contact: [email protected]

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