There is strength in numbers.

We offer a space for all LGBTQ2SAI+ individuals to develop meaningful connections.

With the support of our own community members’ leadership and guidance, we empower LGBTQ2SAI+ individuals to reach out to each other and to facilitate opportunities for connection and belonging through age-specific programming, peer-facilitated groups, and special events.

We strengthen our LGBTQ2SAI+ communities to be inclusive and resilient through:

  • Youth drop-ins, including ‘clothing swaps’, swiming nights, food prep nights, etc.
  • Seniors drop-ins
  • Pizza and movie (+ discussion) nights for adults 25+
  • Special events to foster meaningful connections
  • Peer-facilitated support and social groups
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Room rentals


Take part in the ongoing evolution of our vibrant communities. You belong.

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