COVID-19 & QMUNITY Return to Work Safety Plan

Phase One: Staff and IRS Volunteers

This document is intended to guide QMUNITY staff, volunteers and clients as we reopen our offices. QMUNITY’s priority is the safety, health and well-being of our staff, volunteers and community members. While QMUNITY will establish protocols and procedures to enhance safety, your presence at the office continues to be optional and voluntary based on your own set of circumstances. We recognize there are a myriad of factors that may limit one’s capacity to safely be in an office space, even with the parameters provided below.

If staff, volunteers or clients present any symptoms, go home or stay home. Contact 8-1-1 or general physician for a health assessment. QMUNITY will not enforce or calculate sick leave at this time.

Staff may continue to work from home throughout the week and use phone, Zoom, G-Chat, Slack, etc. to communicate with colleagues and clients.

Staff, volunteers and clients should be aware that the BCCDC is leasing a portion of QMUNITY offices for COVID-19 outreach efforts. BCCDC staff are trained medical professionals aware of required precautions and safety measures. Their presence does mean a number of individuals QMUNITY staff would not typically work with or be in contact with, are using our shared spaces, including the waiting room washrooms and breakroom.

Phased Re-opening

QMUNITY will re-open offices and access over 3 phases. The plan is outlined here as linear and predictable, with recognition that our plans may need to respond to the evolving nature of public health regulations:

  1. QMUNITY staff, followed shortly thereafter by IRS volunteers (effective immediately)

  2. One-on-one or small meetings, including in-person counselling (guidelines released in early June and will include our 1033 Davie St location)

  3. Resumption of some community-based programming, including small groups in peer support groups, youth drop-in, etc. (guidelines released in 6-8+ weeks, dependent on public health advice, BCCDC office use, and the evolving or diminishing spread of COVID-19).

Transportation to and from QMUNITY Office

Staff are encouraged to utilize a mode of transportation that is comfortable and safe for them, including:

  • Walking, cycling, etc.

  • Personal vehicles, including carpooling if available

  • Car share programs, including Modo and Evo

  • Public transportation

Staff may continue to work from home if suitable transportation is not available.

Until further notice, QMUNITY will reimburse staff for Modo or Evo use to get to the office. However, this is not a sustainable option, should be used in limited circumstances, and not be considered a daily mode of transportation to and from the office.

Cleaning, Sanitation and PPE
  • Staff are expected to wash their hands upon arrival at the office, and regular handwashing throughout the day including before and after food prep, after washroom use, etc.

  • QMUNITY has a cleaner that comes in every Sunday

  • BCCDC has a cleaner that comes in every night (except Sunday). The BCCDC cleaner cleans the Bute St. Clinic space, front staircase, breakroom, waiting room, staff washroom and public washrooms.

  • Each office and meeting room will have a cleaning checklist and cleaning supply kit. The staffperson occupying that space is responsible for completing the cleaning tasks at the start and end of each “shift” or meeting. See Appendix A for cleaning checklist.

  • QMUNITY will provide ‘Sanitation Stations’ at the top of the stairs upon arrival, and at the photocopier. Sanitation stations will include hand sanitizer, face masks and gloves.

  • QMUNITY will provide masks and gloves; daily use while on-site is encouraged.

Office Use
  • One person, per office, per day. Office-mates are expected to communicate with each other in advance about their intentions for being in-office or working at-home.
  • Staff are encouraged to keep office doors and windows open to encourage air flow and circulation

  • Counselling offices will be available for staff to book on Google Calendars as a work-site.

  • Before entering another staff person’s office or work space, explicit consent to enter is required.

  • Cleaning checklists to be completed at the start and end of each shift or room use

Meeting Rooms
  • Staff are encouraged to utilize walking-meetings or meetings outdoors and at nearby parks, when appropriate.

  • Physical distancing of 2-metres between people is expected when using QMUNITY Training Room, Meeting Room and/or Youth Space.

  • Cleaning checklists to be completed at the start and end of each shift or room use

Information & Referral Services (IRS)
  • IRS volunteers will resume their roles in the near-future, pending availability and comfort/safety of volunteers. All guidelines outlined within this document apply to IRS volunteers, including one person/day and cleaning checklists to be completed at the start and end of each shift.

  • QMUNITY will provide PPE, including installing a plexiglass divider for IRS.

  • Operations & Volunteer departments will communicate more specific details to IRS volunteers and be the primary point of contact for IRS volunteers’ questions and concerns,

  • In order to adequately support IRS Volunteers, a minimum of one staff person must be on-site while the IRS Volunteer is on their shift.

Other Shared & Common Spaces
  • The breakroom will be unlocked and open, limiting the use of keys and touching the doorknob

  • All dishes and utensils are to be washed immediately after use

  • Utilizing the products available at a Sanitation Station, staff must wipe down and disinfect any surfaces they touched while using the breakroom or staff washroom.

  • The first and last staffperson in the office is responsible for disinfecting the alarm panel when they set it.

Signage & Communication
  • will be updated regularly for the public, including posting QMUNITY safety plans

  • Contact information, including email addresses and office phone numbers, will be posted to QMUNITY front door

  • Cleaning reminders will be posted to the staff washroom and breakroom

  • To limit public access, for the immediate future, the front door will remain locked until we move into Phase 2.

  • Under Phase 2 (counselling, one-on-one or small group meetings), all meetings will be by appointment-only. More details to follow in early-June.

Questions, Comments & Concerns
  • QMUNITY’s Occupational Health & Safety Committee is meeting weekly to discuss on-going developments and re-opening strategies.

  • Feedback, questions and comments can be sent to Jeylan, QMUNITY Administrator, at

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