Are you queersmart?

Are you interested in building safe, inclusive environments for your organization’s LGBTQ2SAI+ members? Do you want to develop your understanding, language, and skills to better support LGBTQ2SAI+ folk in your work or personal life? We can help!

Queer Competency Trainings

Call: 604-684-5307 or email us at [email protected]

Our workshops for individuals, service providers, and organizations

Queer Competency Trainings are experiential workshops to help you understand diversity and make your organization more inclusive for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit clients and staff.

Previous clients include:

TELUS    David Suzuki Foundation    YMCA    Options for Sexual Health    Justice Institute of BC    Hope School District    Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village    YWCA    University of the Fraser Valley    Vancouver Airport

We are able to target the workshop to your specific needs or age-group to create powerful and engaging learning environments and to guarantee a fun and non-judgemental experience for everyone.

To book:

Call: 604-684-5307 or email us at [email protected]


Our workshops for students

The PrideSpeaks program is currently on hiatus. Any updates on its availability will be updated on this page.

Pridespeaks are interactive workshops for and by youth about sexual orientation, gender identity, and bullying. They are supported by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Vancouver School Board.

Youth facilitators provide accurate, non-judgemental information about sexual orientation, gender identity, derogatory language, bullying at school, and myths and stereotypes about LGBTQ2SAI+ youth. The workshops can be tailored upon request and are available for K-12 students.

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Facilitators Forum

We believe that systems-change requires a lot of work, from a lot of different people, employing many different strategies

As educators and facilitators in queer, trans, and Two-Spirit equity and inclusion, we are called upon in professional and personal contexts to raise awareness about the particular challenges and barriers LGBTQ2SAI+ folk may experience while accessing programs, government services, interfacing with institutions and systems, or simply navigating their day to day life by going to the local pool, clearing security before a flight, or shopping for clothes at the mall.

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