What we offer

Our counselling program is a professional, volunteer and practicum-student based service, which provides short-term counselling in a confidential, accepting and non-judgmental space.

Who is our wellness and counselling program for?

Members of the gender and sexually diverse communities served by QMUNITY and those questioning their gender and sexuality with a priority focus on marginalized communities. Our counsellors work collaboratively on your wellbeing and mental health. Our counsellors, and the program, are not set up to work with mental illness unless it has been professionally diagnosed and is monitored by other professionals. If you think you may need mental illness focused services QMUNITY has a referral service that may be able to assist you.

How much does it cost?

QMUNITY strives to meet the needs of community members and we offer free as well as low cost fee for service counselling services, depending on your self-reported circumstances. This will be assessed during the initial contact with the intake social worker and you will be fully informed of the cost and limitations of the program before you decide to start working with your counsellor.

What can I expect from counselling at QMUNITY?

Our counsellors are supported by a professional supervisor to work collaboratively with you to create a productive, non-judgemental relationship where you can explore your life and the changes you might like to make. The counsellor’s role is to facilitate your work in ways that respect your world view, values and personal resources within the limits of the counsellor’s scope, experience and education.

How do I access wellness counselling at QMUNITY?

The place to start is to call us at 604-684-5307 ext 107 to speak with Jennie MacPhee-Woodburn, Social Worker for Counselling and Youth Support Services.




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