Please visit our COVID-19 page for updates on Seniors & Older Adults programming during the COVID-19 office closure.

QMUNITY’s Older Adults and Seniors programs offers opportunities for community connection, social support, and personal development for folks fifty-five and older.


Finding inclusion, belonging, and meaningful connections can become more challenging as we age. We host social events, co-develop and provide educational workshops, assist in one-to-one support and referral services, while fostering connections within diverse communities to improve the lives of LGBTQ2SAI+ persons 55 Years and older. We acknowledge the lived experience of Older Adult and Senior members of our community and seek to hold space for those members to be supported in connecting, supporting, and leading one another and the community at large.


Monthly Programs

Our drop-ins offer a place for older adults searching for community to come together and meet, guide, or support each other. Sessions offer all kinds of opportunities—from intergenerational panels, to relationship building seminars, to financial and estate planning workshops, to philosophical discussions, to informal coffee gatherings. We strive to offer programming that’s relevant for and led by older LGBTQ2SAI+ folks.

The Older Adults and Seniors Programming Advisory Committee directly guides the activities, workshops, and socials planned and is open to all queer, trans and Two-Spirit members of this community.


Older Adults & Seniors Newsletter

The Older Adults and Seniors newsletter is typically distributed digitally and in hard-copy in the second week of each calendar month.  The newsletter:

  1. Provides information about QMUNITY in the coming month. This section includes details that are more specific to Older Adult and Senior members with QMUNITY programs than the general newsletter.
  2. Shares a sampling of events happening at other inclusive community spaces.
  3. Relays information about upcoming projects in the community for older adults and seniors looking to share their experiences, expertise, and talents as contributors, co-developers, and influencers.

Our goals is to communicate in a way that keeps as many folks as possible in-the-loop, up-to-speed, and able to participate in what is happening for LGBTQ2SAI+ communities.  

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Friendly Visitors Program (Seniors & Older Adults)

(Covid-19 Update: Friendly Phone Calls)

Our Friendly Visitor Program matches LGBTQ2SAI+ volunteers with LGTBQ2S+ seniors for social visits in senior’s homes, long term care facilities, or spaces within the community. Volunteers also accompany seniors to medical appointments or QMUNITY programs and events.  This is a terrific way to add peer-to- peer social support if you’re a senior feeling you require more connection to queer, trans, and Two-Spirit communities.

If you’d liek to join the program please email our Older Adults & Seniors specialist at [email protected] or call 604.684.5307 ext. 100


Older Adults & Seniors Programming Advisory Committee (OASPAC)

Throughout the year QMUNITY hosts open meetings for LGBTQ2SAI+ members of the community who are 55 years and older to gather and discuss QMUNITY’s senior  programming and events. These meetings provide direction and assistance in co-creating and co-delivering the workshops, drop-in sessions, events, and socials older adults want to see. This is an open meeting for folks to discuss  activities: all those interested are encouraged to attend.

These meetings are usually followed by an informal social/gathering.  

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