Our Bra, Binder, and Breast Forms Exchange Program provides free new and used gender-affirming chest-wear to trans and gender-variant youth who are unable to attain these garments otherwise.

Thank you for your interest in QMUNITY’s Bras, Binders, and Breast Forms program. Due to COVID, our BBB Program is currently running remotely. You can reach out to our Youth Program Specialist at bbb@qmunity.ca, and they can assist you with finding the right gender-affirming chest wear or help with any questions you might have. 

We get most of our binders from gc2b, so it’s helpful if you know your size when you reach out. Check out their sizing guide here: https://www.gc2b.co/pages/sizing.  If we don’t have the correct size currently, we’ll waitlist you until we do!  

Please note that this program is prioritized for youth who cannot attain gender affirming chest-wear. If youth are able to purchase their own bra, binder, or breast form, they can do so using:

For more information about chest health for trans and gender-variant folks, check out our I <3 My Chest booklet!


The Bra and Binder Exchange program also accepts donations of worn binders, bras and breast forms in good shape.


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