It’s not just you. People are complicated … to find!

We all seem to be in the same boat regarding the difficulties in meeting other like-minded folks. If only we were also in the same room! But our peer groups are a good place to start—check out how we can help you meet, share your experiences, or just have fun with others below.

And if you are feeling shy, you can always email us at and we’ll hook you up!

Please note that all of our support groups are peer-run and by volunteer facilitators not by professionals, unless stated otherwise in the group description.


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Latidos Latines

A social group for Spanish-speaking Latinx LGBTQIA+ folks who want to connect with others in that language, in celebration and reflection of cultural heritage as influential on identities, and in sharing information and resources for the community locally.

The group meets twice monthly (online and in person), creating a safer space for the queer Latinx community social connection in BC. As well as celebrating Holidays with food and music, and focus on building community space by and for Latinx LGBTQIA+ people.

The group welcomes Portuguese-speaking Latines, though the facilitators do not speak the language. Portuguese-speaking volunteer facilitators are welcome, too!


  • Monthly on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday
  • 6PM-8PM



Walk-OUT is a weekly 2SLGBTQIA+ walking group situated in the West End area in Vancouver. All ages and all levels of mobility are welcome; the group will adjust pace and route to meet the needs of those present. Come every week or occasionally.

Our lovely volunteer hosts reserve the right to cancel based on slippery conditions and truly awful weather! They will keep an email list to provide up-to-date notifications.

Walk-OUT groups will be taking a break for the winter months. Please check back in the spring for more information.

Dear John, I Love Jane

Dear John group has been running since 2011. This support group is for women who are questioning their sexuality after - or during - heterosexual relationships or marriages.

There is so much healing in telling our stories in a safe, supportive environment. If you’re grappling with issues of sexual orientation, especially if you’re now – or have been in the past – in a relationship with a man, this group is for you.

For details on date and time and Zoom link contact the facilitators at

Authentically "Other"

A welcoming and collaborative space to connect and discuss being authentically “Other”. This group is for Two Spirit, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, third gender, agender, and questioning folks – and the allies who love them. Discussion topics will be crowd-sourced. We are arriving in this space as queer, non-binary, trained counsellors with trauma-informed, anti-oppressive lenses. Possible topics may include coming into your authentic identity/identities, relationships, families, pronouns, work, the bureaucracy of gender, self-expression, euphoria, and finding community.

Note: We are happy to include caregivers and support folks with prior approval – please email the facilitators.


  • Monthly on the first Monday
  • 6PM-8PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Parents of Trans Kids

Our group's facilitators are open, loving, and supportive allies whose people they give parental care to are trans, non-binary, or questioning. We are fostering a safe space for parents and caregivers (giving care is lifelong work!) to share experiences, stories, and exchange support strategies for allyship. If you are looking for a non-judgmental place to help guide you along the way at any stage, a place to talk and share experiences with other parents of trans and non-binary people, then this group is for you.


  • Monthly on the last Wednesday
  • 7PM-8:30PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Queer Love in Colour

Queer Love in Colour is a newly incepted peer and social group with the intent to be a safe and supportive environment for anyone with 2SLGBTQIA+ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color/Global Majority) lived experiences. Twice a month, this group will gather virtually and in-person to hold discussions and offer activities in a safe, affirming and supportive space where you get to be yourself and connect to others in your community.


  • Monthly on the 2nd and 4th Saturday
  • 1PM-3PM


Autistic Queer Peers

A peer support group for autistic queer and trans people who are 18 years or older and who currently reside in the province of BC.

This social group is about creating connections and providing the opportunity for friendly discussions in a low-social-pressure, semi-structured, and lightly-moderated digital environment.

People who are questioning are welcome. That includes all questioning folks, including people who are autistic and questioning whether or not they are queer or trans and people who are queer or trans and questioning whether or not they are autistic.

All diagnoses are welcome, including formally diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning. We recognize the financial barriers of diagnosis and do not require a diagnosis for participation or assign people value based on diagnosis status. We welcome folks with varying levels of support needs.

How do you sign up to attend? Email with the subject line “Autistic Queer Support Group” and in the body of the email please share your first name and confirm that you live in BC and are 18 years of age or older. You will receive back further instructions on how to attend our meetings as well as an information package on what to expect from the group.

Feeling nervous about attending? You will not be required to interact with other participants verbally (you can instead use message functions if that is easier for you). You can keep your camera off if appearing on-screen seems intimidating or tiring. You can also choose not to interact at all and attend just to listen.


  • Monthly on the 3rd Wednesday
  • 7PM-9PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Gloriously Queer

If you are a woman (we are trans and non-binary inclusive) who has been hurt by homophobia within any organized religion or faith, the Gloriously Queer (GQ) support group provides peer support and connection with others going through a similar experience. Participants can speak freely and embrace all aspects of their identity in a supportive, accepting, and confidential environment.

Facilitator Gina, who was born in Egypt and raised in an Orthodox Christian church, has experienced firsthand growing up and coming out in a community that actively condemns homosexuality. She created this group to bring women together who can relate to this struggle, and find connection and empowerment through their shared experience.


  • Monthly on the third Thursday
  • 7:30PM-9PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Asexual & Aromantic Social & Support Group (Aces & Aros)

A community space for those who are (or think they might be) on the asexual or aromantic spectrum to meet and discusses issues relevant to their lives and identities.

This is a peer-facilitated group run by dedicated community volunteers, with support from QMUNITY, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, and Asexual Outreach


  • Monthly on the second Saturday
  • 2PM-5PM

Where: Online via Discord, please contact the group for details


Transgathering: Medical

Transgathering: Medical is a safer space for gender diverse and gender exploring folk to discuss medical transition. Discussion can revolve around surgery, hormones, hair removal, natural alternatives to medical transition, etc. Folks at all stages of their medical transition journey are welcome - whether they are yet to start, or hoping to share wisdom, resources, and experiences.

Note: Transgathering: Medical is facilitated by peers. Medical professionals/doctors are not involved in regular meetings and the group cannot provide medical advice.

The group is open to folks who are 18+, living in BC currently, and trans, gender-diverse, two-spirit, gender exploring, etc.

Please email and ask to be added to the Transgathering: Medical mailing list (separate from the regular Transgathering mailing list).


  • Monthly on the fourth Tuesday
  • 6PM-8PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Trans + Loved Ones

Trans + Loved Ones provides a space where people who have a loved one in their life who is transitioning or trans, gender diverse, etc. identified can meet and discuss the complexities and emotions involved with supporting their loved one in their transition journey. This is a safe space for both trans-identified folks and their loved ones (partners, parents, family, close friends, etc.) to share and speak about their experiences, and navigate their feelings while offering support to each other.

Note: this group is facilitated by peers, not trained counsellors or mental health professionals.

This group is intended for folks who are 18+ and currently living in BC, but exceptions can be made if one "party" in the relationship is living elsewhere. Please contact for further details or to request a link to the Zoom meeting/to be added to the Trans + Loved Ones mailing list (separate from the Transgathering mailing list).


  • Monthly on the second Tuesday
  • 6PM-8PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link


Rainbow Light Meditation

This one-hour meditation workshop aims to improve and enhance the mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing of LGBTQAI+ immigrants and newcomers. Other 2SLGBTQIA+ folks are welcome to join us to attain a more peaceful and mindful state of being through meditation.

Please join by RSVP only.


  • Weekly on Saturday
  • 6PM-7PM


BiFocus - Vancouver

A peer-facilitated support group for folks of all genders who are (or think they might be) sexually and/or romantically attracted to people of more than one gender or regardless of gender. This can include people who identify as bi+, non-monosexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, & other queer self-identifications.

Whether you have felt or identified this way for years, or these are new questions for you, you’re invited to share your experiences in a non-judgmental space. Delve into topics of relationships, loneliness, oppression (monosexism, bi+ phobia, and erasure), health and mental health, creating community, and more!

BiFocus - Sea to Sky support group and  is currently on hiatus until further notice. Folks who are interested in attending that group are welcome to attend the in-person BiFocus Vancouver group in the meantime. 

When: Monthly

  • 2nd Monday: 7PM-9PM
  • Last Monday: 6PM-8PM


  • Online: Currently on hiatus until January 2024
  • In-person: last Monday of the month


Queer Love ˣ: QMUNITY’s Non-monogamy peer support group

The aim of this group is to provide a space for peer support and community building for folks who are 2SLGBTQIA+, and are practicing or who are interested in ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, and/or challenging normative relationships models.


  • Monthly on the fourth Sunday
  • 3PM-5PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link

Contact: or visit their Facebook page


A drop-in for all variations of trans-identified and gender-variant folks with the opportunity to connect, share, discuss, and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Transgathering is happy to announce that they are fully online through Zoom!

Please note this group is intended for participants who are 18+, residing in BC, and trans, gender variant, two-spirit, gender exploring, etc.


  • Monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday
  • 6PM-8PM

Where: Online, please contact the group facilitators for Zoom link