Impact Story: Planting Seeds of Hope

QMUNITY’s Two-Spirit programming is growing!

With your continued backing, QMUNITY has been able to expand programming to better show up for all of our communities. One of these incredible initiatives has been our “Planting Seeds with Adrian,” program guided by our Indigenous Outreach Coordinator.

This initiative has become a meeting place for urban Indigenous youth, offering them a weekly space to sow seeds of connection to their culture amidst peers.

What started as a weekly engagement turned into a three-part, nearly year-long experience. The youth not only cultivated crops but also harvested and transformed them into traditional medicine. This evolution saw them converting Calendula they grew into oil, and recently, crafting that oil into healing herbal salves.

Beyond the tangible take-home component, the heart of the story lies in the profound impact on the youth. The program provided a consistent and secure space where they could rebuild and nourish their cultural identity. Adrian observed a deep sense of belonging and togetherness, as participants, though from different indigenous nations, shared stories and teachings about cultural practices. This exchange fostered a collective sense of ownership and confidence among the youth.

This story reflects the tangible impact of QMUNITY’s programs. Your support has played a crucial role in creating transformative experiences like this program. Thank you for being a vital part of making a lasting difference in these youth’s lives.

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