The QueerSmart Newsletter is a quarterly e-zine letter that we launched in August 2020. It comprises educational materials, resources, videos, articles, with a focus on enhancing inclusive practices, tips, and resources for culturally safe programs and service delivery.

With content created of submissions by community members and curated by our Education & Training team, this newsletter helps agencies and professionals navigate LGBTQ2SAI+ inclusion in the workplace and service delivery.

Contributions to this newsletter will also be published on the Blog page of our website.

Frequency: Quarterly – February, May, August, November

Contributors are invited to write: 

A blog, a commentary, an article, a text, or a poem, to reflect and express their own thoughts, lived experiences, knowledge, and share messages on inclusivity and diversity. Publications in the newsletter can feature their name or be anonymous.

We encourage anyone who is interested to submit a contribution. You don’t need to have an educational or professional experience in writing to make a submission.

Submissions can include text, links, videos, and images.

Submissions will be received and published on a rolling basis.

Themes and topics: 
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Justice and equity
  • Increasing and enhancing practices
  • Intersectional Systems – reinforcing one another
  • Mental Health Support
  • Health care and other forms of support

Participants can pick one or more of the above mentioned themes and topics or can pick a topic of their choosing, as long as it is in relation to the LGBTQ2SAI+ issues and communities.


Contributions to the newsletter will need to be proofread before they are publishing.


One to two pages (approx as per a Word document, Font: 14pt) 

Make a submission

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