Aces & Aros Consent Workshop

January 17, 2019

Join the lovely folks from Asexual Outreach & their local group Aces & Aros for a discussion & workshop on consent.

Doors open at 4:30, Workshop starts at 5:00

Most consent workshops are all about sex, but we here at Vancouver Aces and Aros believe consent should be for everyone!  We’ll be exploring how the basic principles of consent apply whether you’re making friends, navigating consent in a relationship context, or just trying to get along with your roommate.  This workshop will be safe for sex-repulsed people, and is for all genders and orientations. Come join us as we explore getting consent, giving consent, and dealing with consentviolations.

This is a scent-reduced space, we respectfully request that attendees refrain from wearing or using perfume / cologne and scented products, including essential oils.

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