Annual Report 2016

October 11, 2017

In 2016, QMUNITY provided 27,588 individual supports and referrals, an increase of
400% from 2015; we gave out 103+ free gender-affirming garments to youth through
our Bra, Binder, and Breast Forms Exchange Program; counsellors offered 1,399
hours of free queer and trans competent counselling; and 316 volunteer hours were
given spending time with LGBTQ/2S seniors living in isolation.

Our work is not ours alone.

Looking toward the future, QMUNITY continues to serve as a catalyst for community initiatives
and collective strength. Our vision is for vibrant, diverse, and celebrated queer, trans, and TwoSpirit communities, where individuals live their lives fully, free from discrimination.
This is the world we hope to one day see.

And as we look toward our community’s future, we are thrilled by the news that QMUNITY has a new home. This is a critical moment in our history. The LGBTQ/2S community has the opportunity to recommit its support and ensure we leave a legacy for the next generation.

All of this is because of you.

On behalf of the organization we are privileged to serve, we want to recognize everyone that works to ensure no one is left behind. Our inspiring volunteers, our dedicated staff, our incredible board, our generous donors and supporters, our community partners, and everyone that continues to fight for the world we all want to live in—you make this possible.

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