Bill C-16 passed, but our work is far from finished

June 20, 2017

On June 15th, 2017, Bill C-16 was passed in Senate at third reading. On June 19th, it received Royal Assent, at which point it became law. This Bill adds the protection of gender identity and expression by amending the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code:

  1. To include gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination.
  2. To clarify that where someone commits a crime motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on gender identity or gender expression, a judge must consider that as an aggravating factor in deciding what sentence to impose.

However, our work is far from finished.

Now is the time to engage in conversations and build communities that care for and support members of all gender identities and expressions. In order for Bill C-16 to truly do its work, we must also change the systems and structures of our day to day experiences, and those around us, to ensure Bill C-16 is more than legal equality — that it becomes lived equality.

Need a little help?

QMUNITY’s staff are able to help individuals, families, businesses, schools, and service providers to identify and avoid discriminatory behaviours and to explore the complexity, fluidity, and potential of sexual and gender diversity.

Take the first step in building safe, inclusive environments that will benefit everyone.

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