Celebrating Black History Month

February 6, 2017


At QMUNITY, we work everyday to create a world that is free from discrimination, where folks can live their lives fully. And while our focus is on those who identify as queer, trans, or Two-Spirit, we know that we all belong to a myriad of communities. Our intersectionalities are what make us who we are.

We honour the lives of queer and trans Black folk who have too often been made invisible or erased from the dominant narratives of our communities, and yet who have been at the forefront of our struggle for rights and inclusion.

February is Black History Month, an opportunity to share the histories, achievements, contributions, and cultures of Black people. In Vancouver, the City has designated Black History Month as a Civic Special Event.

There are a number of resources available and events taking place throughout the month, and we encourage our communities to learn more and get involved.


Black Lives Matter Vancouver

Vancouver International Film Festival, Year Round, films for Black History Month

Black History Month Reading List, Vancouver Public Library

Black History Month Reading List, CBC

Martin, Mandela and You! A Weekend of Tribute to 20th Century Liberation Movements, SFU

British Columbia Black History Awareness Society

Black Space 2.0: Art Night!, February 18

Race Matters, UBC, February 26 and 27

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