Welcome, Cicely!

June 7, 2016

Cicely-Belle Blain is our new Youth Worker!

Cicely-Belle is a queer, Black poet, artist and community organizer who has been a settler on Coast Salish lands for four years. Originally from London, England, they have been working on bringing social justice, accessibility and inclusivity to spaces, mainly at UBC, where they studied European Studies and Russian.

Cicely-Belle’s previous and on-going projects include co-founding a chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement in Vancouver, archiving the history of racialized student activism across North America with the UBC Center for Race, Autobiography, Gender and Age, and being the program assistant for BC’s queer and trans summer camp, CampOUT. They have also worked with the Positive Space Campaign and the Global Lounge, both at UBC, which have been instrumental in fueling their passion for community building, intercultural understanding and safer space creation. They spend their spare time writing teen fiction, painting, and winning at pub trivia.

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