Access to gender-affirming chestwear

May 17, 2016


Taegan moved to Vancouver from Saskatchewan to access gender-affirming healthcare and found the adjustment difficult at first. Taegan began to access our Youth drop-ins frequently, and often stops by the office to check-in, chat, and hang out with our Youth Workers.

Recently, as Taegan was telling the story of a friend who cannot access gender-affirming chestwear back in Saskatoon, they mentioned that they “would not have made it here in Vancouver” without our Youth Workers being there to support them.

Since our Bra, Binder, and Breastform Exchange program was officially launched in 2015, we are happy to report we have been able to ship over 150 gender-affirming chestwear packages (garment + chest health booklet) to youth all over BC, including folks in Metro Vancouver, Squamish, Nanaimo, Vernon, Nelson, Kamloops, and several other cities.

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