International Women’s Day 2024: A message from QMUNITY’s Executive Director

March 8, 2024

Today is International Women’s Day, and at QMUNITY we’re using this day to reflect on the historical and ongoing contributions of women to the queer rights movement.

I’ve witnessed the magic of womanhood throughout my life. Despite the systemic inequalities that women face, I have witnessed women redefine numerous spaces and roles, whether at the front lines of a global pandemic or at the front lines of a protest. Women are central to the movement for 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, and to QMUNITY. 

As we take today to celebrate womanhood, we must also acknowledge the ongoing challenges that women face around the world. Like all queer rights, women’s rights are at risk now more than ever, as we face attacks on autonomy to our bodies and minds.

In particular, we cannot ignore the violence and discrimination directed at trans women, particularly trans women of color. Trans women are an integral part of QMUNITY and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community broadly, and we know that they face disproportionate levels of violence, hate crimes, and discrimination. It is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with trans women, and to advocate for their safety, rights, and inclusion in all aspects of society. 

We also know that Indigenous women have experienced erasure and murder far beyond our comprehension. Women’s liberation means decolonization, and no women will be free until Indigenous women have every opportunity to live and create in their communities. The loss of Indigenous women in communities means a loss of tradition, knowledge, and ways of being, and is a systematic eradication of womanhood. 

Today we are also thinking about women in war, whose lives are weaponized to propagate and incite violence. 

War impacts women generationally as a strategy of devastating entire communities. War most often results in long-term effects such as lower birth weights and higher infant mortality rates, in addition to the immeasurable pain that comes with violence against women’s bodies. 

Today, we are remembering the women who came before us and fought tirelessly for our rights and freedoms, and we are committing to being the women who continue that fight. 

Women who have built communities and held up ecosystems need support.

To our allies, we’re asking you to support and see the women around you. Advocate with us for our rights, as we define our needs and our communities through our collectivist lens. Our rights are under attack and we need our allies more than ever.

At QMUNITY, we will continue working towards a future where every trans, cis, and BIPOC woman, from every corner of the globe, can live a life free from discrimination and inequality.


Anoop Gill
Executive Director at QMUNITY

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