Lisa Salazar joins our Board of Directors

December 14, 2016

QMUNITY is excited to announce that Lisa Salazar has joined the QMUNITY Board of Directors.

Born in Colombia, raised in California and, as she puts it, sprouted in Vancouver, Lisa has a BA in Graphic Design and has worked professionally as a freelance designer, art director and photographer for four decades.

In 2008 she transitioned at the age of 58. Lisa imagined she’d have a very private existence after transition, that is until she was invited to speak at Interesting Vancouver 2010. To her shock and surprise, she discovered she had a voice.

Later that year she initiated an international letter-writing campaign in opposition to the Ugandan “Kill the Gays Bill,” complete with a website that reported on the status of the legislation and all the contact information for all 287 members of the Ugandan Parliament. Her efforts had unexpected consequences; she was able to help several Ugandan LGBTQ citizens find safe havens abroad.

Lisa now devotes much of her time to advocacy and education on trans issues, including engaging in meaningful conversations with communities of faith. Lisa has been a volunteer with Qmunity since 2012 as a Queer Competency workshop co-facilitator.

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