Peer Support Groups COVID-19 update

April 17, 2020

With the COVID-19 situation continuing to prevent us from opening our physical doors, we still wanted to find ways to continue to offer support to our community members, especially in these unsettling times.

And so we are working with our Support Groups’ facilitators to help them set-up online meetings for their usual meetings. The plan is to run meetings at their original times. Some support group facilitators have moved their meetings online, please email the group for details. Each group contact details can be found in the group’s description page.

Folks wanting to join the meetings will need the link and password which will be provided by the Groups’ facilitators themselves (we will be trying to be as secure and respectful of privacy as possible).

At this point, folks looking for Support Groups should contact our new Volunteer Coordinator, Kris via email at or phone at 604.684.5307, or may contact the groups’ facilitators directly.

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