Staff Pride Plans — What Are Yours?

August 1, 2014
What are you doing for Pride?  Here are a few events some of us are looking forward to this weekend:

Executive Director


Sunday, August 3 @ 3 – 9 pm

The first time I walked past Chicas, I couldn’t stop staring. So many women! So many queer women! So many different types of queer women! While at the time I wasn’t brave enough to actually enter the party, that’s no longer a problem. Chicas is now an annual ritual – following the excitement of the pride parade, I always look forward to an afternoon of casual dancing, cocktails and lots of sunshine on what always manages to be a beautiful weekend! Chicas is the place to be for LBTQ women on Pride Sunday!

Operations and Development Manager

Pride Parade

Sunday, August 3 @ 12 pm

We all know that the Pride Parade is long, hot, and sweaty, and as much as we love it, it can be hard to stick it out. But even the years when I thought I’d skip it, I change my mind at last minute, go, and remember. I get a glimpse of it from a side street a few blocks away, I see people lining the street, the floats, the music – every time, I get excited and emotional. It reminds me of how powerful our community can be, and most importantly, that we’re all in this together. (And this year, I’ll be driving the QMUNITY car!)

HUSTLA at The Cobalt

Sunday, August 3 @ 9pm

Because a diva is a female version of a hustla, of a hustla, of a, of a hustla. Obvi. (See: Beyonce.) I love The Cobalt for the alt-not-so-alt-still-kind-of-alt scene it is. The venue has also been good to the East Side queens – props to Isolde, Peach, and Shanda – for which I have a huge place in my heart. In return, I’m happy to be good to a good time at The Cobalt.

Communications Coordinator

Dyke March

Saturday, August 2 @ 12 pm

I got to experience Pride for the first time only three years ago when I moved to Vancouver from northern Mexico and every single event was surprising and moving and inspiring. Of all the awesome marches happening around town, though, my favourite one is the Dyke march. I guess this is a predictable favourite for many lesbians but, for me, coming from a city in Mexico where lesbians are virtually invisible, it works as a reminder of our diverse existence and gives me hope for what we might one day achieve back in Mexico, when Chihuahua City’s inaugural “Marcha de Machorras” takes place!

Youth Worker

Pride In Art Community Visual Art Show @ The Queer Arts Festival

Saturday, August 2 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

The Pride in Art Community Visual Art Show is a great showcase of underrepresented voices and talent. I am specifically interested in checking out the “Queering the International” exhibition that features a lineup of established and emerging artists from around the globe who are immigrant, indigenous, undocumented, displaced, and creatively working towards reconciling liberation through ideas of indigeneity, diaspora and disIdentification.

Trans, Two Spirit, Genderqueer Celebration & Liberation March

Friday, August 1 @ 5:30 pm – 9 pm

I’m really excited to attend this year’s Trans, Two Spirit, Genderqueer Celebration & Liberation March to support the strength, and diversity of voices within the trans, two-spirit and genderqueer community. The march creates space and increases visibility for important issues.


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