Bryce B. is our volunteer of the month!

June 14, 2016


Congrats, Bryce, you’re the Volunteer of the Month for the month of June 2016.

For as long as any of our staff remembers, Bryce B. has been a cornerstone of our Information and Referral Services Desk. He is the one who selflessly agrees to take the Friday afternoon shift there. While everyone else would rather be at home preparing for a glamorous Friday night, Bryce welcomes clients with his big smile and sweet sense of humor and make folks feel comfortable right away.

How did you get involved with QMUNITY?

In the 1990’s I went to a few GAB Youth sessions which were fun. I also play tennis with the Vancouver Tennis Association and each year we have a tournament on Pride weekend. Generally we give the tournament proceeds to QMUNITY so this was another re-introduction to the organization for me later on in life.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ve been working for a company in the relocation industry for 21 years. It’s a very international industry and allows me to travel and interact with people from all over the world which is just great. I’m married to my husband Jack, who is from Hong Kong. We have one dependent, our golden retriever Harrie.

What’s your favourite aspect of working at QMUNITY?

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and its quite rewarding to help others with support or referral guidance when they are facing LGBTQ issues. I work from home, so volunteering forces me to leave the house too.

Tell me a short story of an interaction at QMUNITY that stands out for you.

It is often very heart-warming when a newcomer joins a Youth session. They are usually a bit shy and cautious at first but the GAB Youth group is a very welcoming bunch of people and it’s nice to see how a newcomer’s demeanor can change week after week, having met new friends and opening themselves up to the world.

Where is your favourite place on Earth?

I lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and was able to travel around Asia all the time. The beaches and food that Thailand has to offer makes it my favourite country to visit outside of Canada.

If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

I wouldn’t mind being Roger Federer for a day, or a week… ok let’s say a year.

Message from Staff: Bryce, thank you for all the work you do with us, you’re a wonderful person, and we truly appreciate having you on the Q-Team!

Danny Ramadan– Volunteer Coordinator

Interview by: Tash McAdam

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