August’s Volunteer of the Month: Colt B.!

July 27, 2016


Congratulations to our super awesome volunteer of the month for August, Colt B.! Colt joined us here at QMUNITY less than a year ago, but during this year, he left his mark on the Education and Training Department, the Youth Office, and the many other volunteering opportunities he eagerly took.

Thank you, Colt! We all really appreciate you and your hard work!

 Tell us about your experience Volunteering at QMUNITY

I have been volunteering with QMUNITY since early November and I could not be happier about that decision.  The energy and openness I was met with is just profound.  I feel very grateful to collaborate with such a diverse group of individuals!  And the youth!! Oh the youth; they are what keeps this place going.  They are just so brave and courageous and open; extremely glad I decided to walk in QMUNITY’s door this past year!

Who (or what) do you think you were in a past life, and why?

This is easy.  I was a combination chef/interpretive dancer; there is no other answer.  Definitely explains my love for the kitchen and the sweaty dance floor.

If superheroes were real, which one would you want saving your life and why?

I really love North Star from X-Men.  He is French Canadian, queer, and can fly!

If you could change one unspoken social rule, what would it be?

Honest discussions about sex.  Sexual health is so important and the more we talk about it, the more we learn.

What is a highlight for you during your volunteering at QMUNITY? What do you like the most about it?

I would have to say the queer prom.  That was such an amazing experience and to see so many youth feel comfortable and happy melted my heart! Also, all the free food during drop-in isn’t that bad either!

Message from Staff:  Colt has always been on his A-Game when it comes to tabling events for QMUNITY, quick to offer a partnership referral, come early or leave late to set-up or tear-down, and perhaps most importantly, really fosters a sense of community with the other volunteers he’s working with! 

– Joel, Education & Training Coordinator

Interview by: Ely Muse

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