Donna C. is our Volunteer of the Month for November!

October 27, 2016


Nothing we say about the amazing Donna C. will be enough to show our appreciation for her work with us in the Seniors Program. Congrats Donna on being November’s Volunteer of the Month! You deserve it! Your tireless work, endless support and clear dedication are signs of a great human being.

How long have you been at the Q and why did you decide to start volunteering there?

I started at Q in April as a Practicum Student (Community Counselling Skills program at Vancouver Community College) in the Seniors Program. I was given the honour of running the newly expanded Friendly Visitors program. Now that Cass has been hired as the Seniors Coordinator, he has taken over this work. I hope to volunteer in the program going forward.

Tell us about an amazing moment you’ve experienced at QMUNITY?

The best part of my experience at Q has been meeting with the seniors (not just the ones interested in the Friendly Visitors program either) and listening to their lived experience as an LGBTQ/2S person. I also really love the energy of the young people that come to various youth programs or just come to hang out and chat.

Where would you like to spend a dream vacation?

Scotland and Ireland, as part of my ancestry includes both countries.

What’s your favourite animal, and why?

Picking a favourite animal is like picking a favourite child in the playground – that’s something I just can’t do. They are all pretty amazing once you learn about them. That being said, I do have an affinity to frogs (more around what they symbolize – transformation and communication) 

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

The removal of oppressive/discriminatory thinking across the globe, including to future generations.

Message from CJ – Executive Director: Donna’s strong leadership style, her passion for social change and her ability to build relationships have done nothing but strengthened QMUNITY’s programming. Thank you Donna for making such long lasting and important impacts. We deeply appreciate all the work that you do! 

Interview by Tash McAdam

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