December Volunteer of the Month: Ely H.

December 2, 2015


December’s volunteer of the month is the amazing Ely H.!

Ely’s been volunteering at the Q in various roles since April of this year. She took on a regular shift as an Information and Referral Specialist for a while, and then moved on to being one of our awesome content creators. Now Ely writes Stories of Change, which are often used for grant applications and are an important part of the support system behind QMUNITY.

So, Ely, how did you end up in Vancouver volunteering at QMUNITY?

I moved here in April, from Japan, where I had to live in the closet which I found really difficult. While I was there I volunteered at an LGBT group and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to continue in some capacity.

When I arrived in Vancouver, I found out about QMUNITY and thought it would be the perfect place to connect with the LGBT community, and feel like I was continuing to make a contribution.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Well, on the days that I can actually motivate myself to get out of bed it’s usually a desire to be productive and/or meet people!

Oh, we all know that feeling! And what’s your favourite thing about volunteering at the Q?

I think that would have to be the community aspect—everyone is so interested in connecting and creating a sense of community, we all work together to create this amazing support system. And, in addition to that, it’s a great way of meeting people and developing a sense of belonging.

What does your happy place look like?

I think I’d have to say on my own in the wilderness! I love climbing mountains by myself, walking in the woods and just getting lost. The untouched outdoors gives me this amazing feeling of joy, and awe, and comprehension

What do you hope never changes about yourself?

My desire to help others.

If you were a mythical creature, what would you be?

Good question! I think a phoenix, because I find that my life goes in cycles, from destruction to a rebirth which results in reaching the next level of success, rapidly followed by destruction again.

Invite five people, dead or alive, fictional or real to a dinner party. Who would you ask and what would you eat?

Jane Austen, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Scully, Gillian Anderson, and my maternal Grandfather.

I think having Scully and Anderson at the same table would be hilarious, because they have such disparate personalities. We would eat my father’s vicious chili, followed by mandarin oranges with snickerdoodles for dessert.

Ely, you are engaged with the community, wonderfully creative, bubbly and charismatic, and we appreciate everything you do for QMUNITY. Thanks for all your hard work.

— Danny

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