October Volunteer of the Month: Jamey S.

October 8, 2015


Our amazing Volunteer of the Month for October is Jamey S.! Congratulations, Jamey.

As a relatively new volunteer, having started in June of this year, you can tell that Jamey has really made a big impression on the QMUNITY staff… a fact that was confirmed when her nomination was immediately unanimous.

We sat down in our lovely Information and Referral booth to have a little chat. Here are some of the highlights!

So, Jamey, tell us what you are passionate about?

Equality! Everyone having their own opportunity to be the best they can in their lives.

And where would you like to be in ten years?

I would like to be in a career where I can work towards my passion, equality. I’ve been in the corporate for profit world, and when I came back to Vancouver, I just thought ‘no more!’

Tell me more about your role as a volunteer at QMUNITY?

I have my regular information and referral specialist position, which I enjoy because I like meeting all the new faces as they come to the centre, and providing assistance anyway I can. I also have taken on a few administrative roles which I like because it helps the staff doing their job.

What is your favourite thing about volunteering with QMUNITY?

It’s so cliché because everyone says this, but it’s true: I like all the wonderful and unique people I get to meet here. I also enjoyed working with the Older Adults program on their various events and activities.

Who would you say is your personal hero?

A person who led me into helping out, a family friend of mine who was a social worker in the seventies and eighties, and was very involved in the AIDs crises. They are someone I look up to immensely, and I find them inspiring.

Who would win in a fight between Spider Man and Batman?

Umm, my money’s on Spiderman because I think he’s more agile. It’s not the biggest dog in the fight; it’s the one who’s scrappier.

Here at QMUNITY we’ve seen Jamey step up over and over again, helping out in a myriad of ways. Thank you, Jamey for your continued dedication, superior organization, all round competency and your can do attitude.

We give you double thumbs up!

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