Kate M. is our volunteer of the month!

August 29, 2016


Let’s celebrate together the amazing Kate, who is our volunteer of the month for the month of September 2016! Kate has a great presence at the Information and Referral Desk, and brings so much compassion and knowledge to her role!

If you could choose any skill or talent in the world to have instant mastery over, what would it be and why?

I would love to have the skill or talent of knowing exactly what to say in the moment, to be able to console or comfort or reassure or empower. Maybe that’s more of a superpower?

Describe your ideal magical pet (name, abilities, colours, shapes, the sky’s the limit!)

Ten-year-old me would have said my ideal magical pet would be a pegasus… and that probably hasn’t changed, because how cool would that be? It would glitter and shine and fly around, and it would have a fantastically majestic name, beyond the majesty of human comprehension.

What country do you most want to visit right now, and what would you do there?

There is always a never-ending list in my head of places I want to go. At the moment, I want to go to Mexico to explore Mexico City – I hear the Museum of Anthropology there is amazing – and also to practice my Spanish. I would like to see the waterfalls at Agua Azul, and visit the Chicxulub crater, which was created by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. (The nerdy geologist in me is coming out!)

Tell us about your experience Volunteering at QMUNITY (what kind of volunteering do you do, etc)

I work at the front desk as an Information and Referral Specialist.

I think the work QMUNITY does is so important, and I really love being a part of that by helping folks access information and local resources in person, on the phone, or by email. Sometimes we IRS folks are the first point of contact people have with QMUNITY, and I like to try to help folks feel welcome.

What is a highlight for you during your volunteering at QMUNITY? What do you like the most about it?

I really like the staff and the other volunteers, and contributing to a great organization. I’ve had a few really wonderful interactions when folks have told me what a positive impact QMUNITY resources have had on their lives – those are definitely highlights!

Message from Q:  Big Qudos to Kate! She was always a lovely face at the top of the stairs, welcoming staff and clients alike. She is also the proud owner of a scarf from Peru with MOOSE on it – ask her about it 😉  

  • Cat – Program Director

Interview by: Ely Muse

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