Maedean M. is our Volunteer of the Month for December!

November 16, 2016


Maedean M., we thank you! You have been a counsellor with us for almost two years, giving countless hours of support and counselling to our queer, trans and two-spirit communities. Your dedication is worth noting and you’re our final Volunteer of the Month for 2016.

How long have you been at Q and why did you decide to start  volunteering there?

I started my counselling practicum at QMUNITY in October 2014 and remained until September 2016, so almost two years. I did my practicum then continued to volunteer because I love QMUNITY’s mission to provide a safe, affirming space and services for LGBTQ/2S folks and allies, like myself.  As a woman of colour, I believe it is essential that I support diversity, equal access to goods and services, and help co-create communities that embrace the diversity of the human experience.

Tell us about a standout moment for you at QMUNITY.

My standout moments have been anytime a counselling client has that moment, gets that look on their face, of some realization, some lightening happening inside.  That’s a great moment.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would your dream home be?

Oh, I would have three: one studio in Kitsilano overlooking the mountains and ocean, one studio in New York in the West Village, and one a treehouse sphere on Vancouver Island. Less cleaning, lots of variety.

Which celebrity would you want to narrate your day to day life?

I have been watching a lot of “The View” lately keeping up with events in the US. So what came to mind right away was Whoopi Goldberg. I just really love her boldness and playfulness, so I feel like having her narrate my day would add an entirely new perspective to my day to day happenings.  I think I would be much more likely to see the humour and be encouraged to sometimes make more daring choices.

 Message from Staff: Meadean, you come to my office and bring your sweet smile and your amazing calming presence. I’m so thankful I get to continue working with you.

Daniel – Community Outreach Coordinator

Interview by: Tash McAdam


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