July Volunteer of the Month: Robbie L.

June 27, 2017


Robbie L., thank you! Your time at Q may have been brief, but you definitely made an impact! Your work on our history project was vital & we couldn’t have done it without you.

Why did you come to QMUNITY?

I came to QMUNITY to gain experience in an office setting, and also to experience the vibe of being around friendly people who are queer or straight, and to be in a supporting and LGBT/2S workspace. I am a graduate who is on the road to getting my first job. In the future, I would love to come back to be a volunteer helping out with events.

What was your project when you were volunteering here?

The time that I was volunteering here I did a very special project. That is to create a history poster for QMUNITY’s long history from 1979 to now.

What will you take away with you?

There are a lot of things to take away with this experience. The two main things are: that I have confidence in my skills for a junior job position and also that I will have a great looking history poster that is going to improve my portfolio.

What advice would you give to a new volunteer at QMUNITY?

I have two pieces of advice: be yourself and be comfortable around all kinds of people, and make new friends.

If you were a dinner item, what would you be and why?

I would be Chinese dumplings, because I love them! There’s so much variety – they can be cold, warm, or hot, and so many different fillings, and all kinds of shapes, too.

 Message from Staff: Robbie, it was a great pleasure to get to know you and have you as part of the Community Engagement Team. Best of luck in your career, and we’re happy to have you back as a volunteer in the future!

Jeffrey – Manager of Community Engagement

Interview by: Heather Wong-Mitchell

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