February Volunteer of the Month: Tania B.!

February 1, 2017


Tania, our volunteer of the month for the month of February, has been a constant addition to our youth drop-in since she joined our team over a year ago. She brings a lot of love and support with her to her work. Here is a short interview with her.

How did you get involved with QMUNITY?

I had always been interested in volunteering at QMUNITY having lived nearby for several years, but it wasn’t until I attended a QMUNITY training workshop at Simon Fraser University that I heard about opportunities to be a youth volunteer. Having more flexibility in my schedule, the timing was perfect and I was excited to meet with Danny and Ayesh to hear more about the youth program.

Tell me a short story of an interaction at QMUNITY that stands out for you.

It’s hard to think of one particular example, but I would have to say that having volunteered for close to a year now, it’s been really nice seeing the shift over time in youth who first start coming to the drop-in.

It’s so great seeing them become increasingly comfortable in the space and in interacting with the volunteers and other youth.

I also really enjoyed being a part of the QMUNITY booth at the Pride Festival at Sunset Beach. It was the first time I was actively involved in a larger event as a volunteer, and it was amazing having the chance talk to so many people from the community as well as others who travelled from afar. It was great to hear stories about the positive experiences people had with QMUNITY in the past, and to help provide information to those who were less familiar with the programs available through QMUNITY.

What does your happy place look like?

While I’m a really social person, my happy place is surprisingly enough being at home — preferably snuggled under a blanket on the couch, watching Netflix and drinking tea.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

This is a super tough one! I’ve always loved sharks, having watched “Shark Week” for years. I always found them super interesting and often misunderstood. They have been portrayed in a really negative light as lone predators, but they can also be quite social (like me!), are not as dangerous as they seem, and are actually quite intelligent. I think it would be amazing to be able to roam the seas and see all the wildlife from a totally different perspective!

What items could you not survive without?

I’m sure everyone says this nowadays, but one thing would have to be my phone. I also have super curly hair, and a lot of it, so I would definitely be lost without my hair products – mousse especially!

What’s your favourite way to spend a day in Vancouver?

There are so many great neighbourhoods in Vancouver, so I really enjoy walking around and window shopping with my partner or with friends. I also love trying new restaurants given there are so many great places across the city!


Message from Cicely-Belle – Youth Worker: Tania is a really fun and bubbly volunteer. She puts a lot of effort into being positive, friendly and approachable with the youth. She has made a lot of effort to access queer and trans competency training and improve as an ally in order to create a safe environment in the youth space.


Interview by Tash McAdam

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