Welcome to the team, Danny!

June 1, 2015

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Danny is a Jack-of-all-trades who found his calling in activism, civil society, journalism and creative writing. As an LGBTQ activist, he has been involved in coordinating online and on the ground efforts to support gender and sexual minorities in Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon as well as his birthplace of Syria.

Through QMUNITY, Danny hopes to give back to the community that welcomed and embraced him since his arrival to Canada.

He is passionate about the values of volunteerism and democracy; and the causes of social justice and LGBTQ refugees’ rights. He demonstrated his commitment to these causes through his past involvement with local and international organizations based in the Middle East, as well as his personal experience as a former gay refugee.

Danny is an experienced journalist with bylines appearing in the Washington Post, The Guardian and Foreign Policy. He is also an author, with two collections of short stories published in Arabic. He is planning to publish his first novel in English soon.

Finally, Danny is a comics nerd. He is also addicted to Twitter. He has been ignoring his friends’ constant advice to stop using the word “awesome” way too much.

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