Welcome to the team, Julie!

November 4, 2015


Julie Zhu is our new Information and Referrals Coordinator!

Julie is a passionate and experienced client service specialist. She has excellent skills in connecting and quickly building rapport with people from diverse backgrounds. By appreciating diversity and inclusion, Julie practices a non-judgmental approach. Julie sees positivity in every client’s life journey.

Julie has brought her 15+ years of combined experience in client service, research, and staff supervision to the Information and Referrals Coordinator position. A former enthusiastic QMUNITY Information and Referrals Volunteer, she finds serving clients in non-profit organization a greatly rewarding experience. In addition, Julie gains energy by working with multiple parties: clients, service providers and agencies.

Julie holds a Master of Education from UBC and Career Development Practitioner Certificate from SFU. She is a real fan of personal growth. In her spare-time, you will find her reading books or watching YouTube videos about the topic. Julie is a firm believer that everyone can bring in positive change to their lives if given adequate support and assistance. Julie is also an outdoor sports lover; she enjoys jogging along Seawall and hopes to jog daily in the very near future.

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