5 Reasons Why Volunteering at QMUNITY rocks!

September 27, 2016

Daniel Ramadan

Let’s talk numbers for a second: In 2015, over 48.000 clients benefited by the services and programs provided by QMUNITY. This is an impressive number that comes as a pleasant surprise to us working here at QMUNITY. It’s also a telling number, how come a staff of eleven folks managed to directly support this huge number of clients?

None of our staff members have superpowers; nothing I’m aware of, anyway.

The simple answer to that question is: We couldn’t possibly do it alone. We had partners who helped us support over 48.000 clients in their journey towards healing, and connecting to the queer and trans communities.

Those amazing partners are our volunteers!

In the past nine months alone, over 100 volunteers came to our support, and helped us deliver services and programs to clients who needed them. With their help, we managed to create a safe space for connection that welcomes all the different walks of lives in the Queer and Trans communities, with an understanding of the intersectionality that comes with the lived experiences of all of our clients.

Those 100 volunteers gave over 3500 hours of volunteer work in these past six months alone; supporting our programs, helping us in our various events, and standing in the face of homophobia and transphobia here in British Colombia with us.

The knowledge that those volunteers collectively managed to support those many clients is what makes coming to work every morning a joyful moment for me.

But, what makes it a joyful moment for the volunteers themselves? What makes them decide to do this amazing work they do with us?

Here are five reasons why volunteering at QMUNITY rocks:

  1. Enhancing the lives of queer and trans folks, including your own life:

Studies show that volunteering is good for you, as it reduces stress. When you focus on the health and well-being of someone else, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns, allowing for more positive feelings such as joy, optimism and control of one’s fate into the mix. Those feelings are scientifically proven to actually strengthen your immune system.

Simply put: As you help others overcome their challenges and reach their goals, you’re indirectly also changing the course of your own life to the better, both physically and mentally, https://holisticdental.org/ambien-treat-insomnia/.

  1. It promotes personal growth and helps you gain professional experience:

Are you interested in a career in the non-profit sector? You can test your career with us by volunteering in the program that attracts you the most! I personally started as a volunteer with QMUNITY before I applied for the Volunteer Coordinator role. So did other staff members as well.

Oh, and our volunteers are eligible for recommendation letters, as they apply for jobs around the province. We also would be happy to be your reference person.

  1. You learn about yourself

I meet a lot of volunteers who just want to do what they know best. “I’m good at databases,” one would say, but then I ask them to tell me what they hope to be good at, rather than what they think they’re good at. Maybe you’re a great facilitator and you never thought of that!

I believe that volunteering allows you to discover hidden talents that may change your views on your own self-worth.

  1. It brings people together

With bi-monthly volunteer Pizza + Movie nights a year, a huge volunteer annual party (the Volun-Cheers!), and tons of courses, workshops, sessions and events, Volunteering at QMUNITY is a space for connection in the LGBTQ community.

In the Annual Pride weekend, we also celebrate our achievements together and invite our volunteers to march with us proudly in the streets of Vancouver, and become part of this celebration.

  1. You learn a lot about your community of communities

Lived experiences vary drastically between one person and the next; and volunteering at QMUNITY exposes you to the intersectionality of all of those identities within every person you meet and interact with.

Our volunteers are diverse in so many different ways: in sexuality, gender identity, race, religion and political beliefs, but they come together as one to learn from one another, and to further the cause of the Queer and Trans communities: To see a world that is free of discrimination for us all.



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