The Year of the Queer*

April 1, 2014

This weekend the Canadian Government announced that 2015 will be celebrated as The Year of the Queer.

In an unprecedented move, the government has officially apologized to the queer community for the atrocities committed against LGBTQ Canadians over the last century. The Government went on to express their appreciation of the many important contributions of queer Canadians, highlighting the thriving Canadian fashion industry and our National Women’s Soccer team.

In the official press release, Stephen Harper is quoted saying: “The Conservative Party of Canada recognizes that we have not always been champions of the LGBTQ community; we are deeply sorry for our past mistakes. We believe that Canada can be a global leader when it comes to celebrating the queer community, and we are prepared to invest the necessary resources – and glitter – to create a world where all queer people are included and free from discrimination.”

At the press conference, Harper mused aloud about the possibility of changing Canada’s official colours to the six shades represented in the Pride rainbow, but was careful in noting that nothing official has yet been decided.

Reaction from the community has been largely positive.

Commercial Drive lesbian Jane Stickney sips on her espresso at Prado and shares: “I think it’s wonderful that the government understands that they really messed up! And I’ve always wondered about some of those Conservative backbenchers…. All that drama and gesticulating? They’ve got to be batting for us!”

A sampling of events planned for The Year of the Queer include the First Annual Parliamentarian Drag Fashion Show, rainbow cupcakes as official snacks for all standing committees, a free showing of Priscilla Queen of the Desert on the Hill, and a women’s softball tournament planned for the summer.

Effective immediately, all washrooms at Parliament Hill will become gender neutral. The government is encouraging suggestions from local members of the LGBTQ community on how they can further queer Parliament.

…wouldn’t it be nice? 🙂

*Happy April Fools!


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