Queer Representation Through Music: A Spotify Playlist

By José Álvaro Aliseda (He/Him)

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I have always found refuge at the intersection between art and identity. Cultural identity and queerness combined are an incredible outlet for processing feelings in a space that is safe and familiar. There’s nothing that lifts me up more than the sound of successful queer musical artists on walks around Stanley Park, or at home when I’m folding laundry or hanging out on the couch.

In 2019, I really struggled with keeping my mental health in check. It was through QMUNITY’s counseling program that I was really able to address the issues I was facing, and that I gained the ability to look at my life through a different lens. Keeping your mind healthy will always be a work in progress, but over time I have equipped myself with tools to better manage those days when I feel down. One of those tools is queer music.

I was excited to share with everyone a special playlist of queer artists from around the world that’s near and dear to my queer heart. As someone who is deeply rooted in my Spanish and European heritage, I relish in the sound of artists who are unapologetically themselves regardless of where they might be from, and who fearlessly write from their own experience as part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. 

Put on those headphones, or blast it out in your living room alone or with friends. In any case, I hope this playlist will introduce you to the joy of queer musical artists or reunite you with familiar sounds and stories to keep you company!

Do you use a different music platform? Here is a list of all the artists and albums listed within the playlist:

  • Bronski Beat; The Age of Consent
  • Studio Killers, Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship)
  • La Prohibida; 100k Anos de Luz
  • Elton John; The Lockdown Sessions 
  • Loreen; Euphoria 
  • KeiiNo; OKTA
  • Javiera Mena; Otra Era
  • Pet Shop Boys; PopArt: The Hits
  • Years & Years; Communion
  • Rebeka; Pocalnuek
  • TR/ST; Joyland
  • Dana International; Diva (English Radio Version)
  • Troye Sivan; In A Dream
  • Beatrice Eli; Careful
  • Pall Oskar; Silfursafnio
  • Orville Peck; Pony
  • Iskwe, Tanya Tagaq; Acakosik
  • LP; Lost on You
  • Tegan and Sarah; So Jealous
  • Lil Nas X; Sun Goes Down
  • Alter Boy; Bad Dreams Break In
  • Perfume Genius; Queen
  • Hidrogenesse; Animalitos
  • Arca, Planningtorock; Queer
  • Nils Bech; Echo
  • Austra; Olympia
  • Beshar Murad; Maskhara
  • Papa Topo; Oso Panda
  • Linn da Quebrada; Trava Linguas
  • Yogurinha Borova; Sentipenak Askatu
  • La Bruja de Texcoco; De Brujas, Peteneras y Chachalacas
  • Pabllo Vittar; Ama Sofre Chora
  • Lido Pimienta, Li Saumet; Miss Colombia
  • Christine and the Queens; La vita nuova
  • SOPHIE; Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides
  • Safia Nolin; PLS
  • Fay Wildhagen, SKAAR; promise,
  • Darin; Tvillingen
  • Owen Pallett; Heartland
  • Soko; I Thought I Was an Alien
  • SOAK; B a noBody
  • Frida Annevik; Andre Sanger
  • Sigur Ros; Agaetis byrjun
  • AURORA; Running with the Wolves
  • Susanne Sundfor, John Grant; Music for People in Trouble
  • Anthony and the Johnsons; I Am A Bird Now
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