Start an LGBTQ2S+ Group

Do you have an idea for a group that would benefit the LGBTQ/2S community?

Peer-Facilitated Groups are organized by community volunteers. Each group is asked to adhere to QMUNITY’s Code of Respect and other standards, and participate in some Queer Competency Training. Peer-Facilitated Groups are otherwise free to determine their own plans and leadership!

How to start a Peer-Facilitated Group at QMUNITY:

  1. Explore the current social and support groups offered at QMUNITY – if someone has a similar idea, join forces!
  2. Read the Peer-Facilitated Groups Policy Handbook
  3. Complete and submit the QMUNITY Peer-Facilitated Groups Application Form to the Information and Referrals Coordinator at [email protected].
  4. Make sure you’ve signed up to Better Impact, our volunteer portal.
  5. Book a meeting with the Information and Referrals Coordinator to discuss your group, make any necessary adjustments to your application, and, if approved, sign up for a Queer Competency Training.
  6. Get started with group gatherings!
    • Are you a current facilitator who needs to submit an expense? Find the expense reimbursement form here and submit it to [email protected]!

Applicants interested in starting peer-facilitated groups should:

  • Have a background or interest in the type of group being created.
  • Make a commitment to facilitate the group to its completion.
  • Be stable in their own lives.
  • Understand and maintain professional boundaries.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the group.
  • Be non-judgmental and supportive.
  • Be responsible, consistent, and trustworthy.
  • Be willing to uphold QMUNITY’s Code of Respect.

Please feel free to contact the Information and Referrals Coordinator at [email protected] with any questions.

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