The Medicine Wheel

By Adrian Levesque

Tansi! (Hello)

My name is Adrian, and I am the new Indigenous Outreach Coordinator at QMUNITY. This month I wanted to take the time to introduce a sacred Indigenous teaching about the medicine wheel.

Various North American indigenous nations will usually have their own teachings so you may see some variations in the teaching depending on which nation you are engaging with. My family is Cree from the opiponipîwin Cree Nation out of South Indian Lake Manitoba. So, this is the way this sacred teaching has been taught and explained to me.

In Cree tradition, our wheel starts in the East. Starting from our birth, it correlates with the dawn and the beginning of our life journey that is the human experience. Representing Spring, the morning, and our physical aspect. Moving on into the South, it represents the summer of our lives. Time of growth in the fields, the adolescent stage of our life, and the development of our mental abilities.

Transitioning into the West, Fall, the time of harvesting, the advent of us moving into adulthood, and obtaining a deeper emotional understanding as we mature. Finally moving into the Northern chapter of our lives, representing Winter, Eldership. A place of achievement, reflection, a deeper connection to spirituality and understanding the underlying themes of our lives.

This wheel is meant to be an example of our lifespan as well as balancing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Adrian Levesque (He/They)

Indigenous Outreach Coordinator at QMUNITY

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